Eligibility Criteria (For Indian Nationals):


Indian citizens not qualifying under Criteria 1 are required to provide below mentioned financial supporting documents to support their applications:

A. Last 2 years Income tax returns having minimum gross total income of Rs. 2 lakhs annually
or B. Last 2 years Form 16 issued by the employer having annual salary of at least Rs. 2 lakhs
or C. Investments in the form of bank fixed deposits or post office deposits aggregating to Rs. 1.5 lakhs

(These deposits should be at least 1 year old from the date of application and should be valid for at least 1 or more years). Deposits made with Co-operative banks are not accepted.

Documents Required:

1. First & last page of Passport (Valid for at minimum period 3 months at the time of travel)
2. Kindly specify in detail the Designation e.g. "General Manager - Sales, Vice President and Lecturer etc" in the application form.
3. Kindly specify in detail the Occupation been served, whether "Business or Self Employed" in the application form.
4. One Photo of size 4.3 x 5.5 cms colored and clear with 80% of the face clearly visible.
5. Financial Documents:
A. Income tax acknowledgement (Saral Form) of 2 years Form 16 Or
B. Bank or Post office fixed deposits.

Note : As you are applying online you need to attach the scan copy of the photograph, first & last page of the passport. Each scanned Document should be in JPEG format and should be less than 38 KB