Eligibility Criteria (For Indian Nationals):

Visa Application Process

Dear Applicant/Information Seeker

  • Fill-up the FormFill-up the Form: It is advised to fill-up the complete order form.
  • Review the FormReview the Form: Provide correct and complete details while filling-up the order form viz; Name, Visa Type, Passport information, Airline, PNR, email ID, Address, Date of Birth, Nationality, etc. Edit if need be, else save the form and move to the next step.
  • Upload documentsUpload documents: Applicants/Information Seekers requested to upload documents as per the requirements.
  • Make PaymentMake Payment: Pay the required fee for Dubai Visa. Further process will be done only after the submission of the fees. Requirements/Fees related to processing of your application are subject to change from time to time.
  • Fly To DubaiFly To Dubai: Fly to Dubai and get ready to discover all that is possible in Dubai.