Why do you need to be medically fit for an Employment Visa in Dubai?

Different countries have different medical prerequisites and the policies pertaining to these requirements keep changing from time-to-time. Applicants seeking an employment Visa in Dubai/UAE need to be medically fit to get UAE Visa stamped in their passports. Be it any country, the practice of undergoing medical fitness test for applying a new visa or renewal of an existing employment visa is quite essential. The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is renowned for its international standards in terms of all medical facilities, hygiene and other relevant services, and this test is conducted only through some of the approved medical centers that are specialised in diagnosing different diseases like Hepatitis B & C, Tuberculosis (TB), AIDS, HIV, leprosy and syphilis.

Besides, one of the easiest ways to identify the local medical centers for these tests is through web access. There are several websites that identify the list of approved medical centers for undergoing such tests. However, depending on the visa stages and employment description, the fees of the medical tests also varies.

When a visa applicant is scheduled for Dubai medial test, he/she needs to carry the following important documents along:

  • Passport
  • Recent photographs (passport size)
  • Employment offer/contract (for new employee)
  • Labour card, valid photo ID proof and emirates ID (for renewal of visa)

The medical test for employment visa is prioritised on blood test and chest x-ray. The main purpose of conducting blood test is to check the propensity of any contagious diseases in the body of an applicant so that it doesn’t cause a health peril to any other employees or residents in Dubai/UAE. Detection of any positive symptoms will cause an applicant direct deport from Dubai. Any applicant with previous scars of TB or communicable disease should get it tested in their home country. On the other hand, chest x-ray is done to diagnose the heart condition of an applicant. There are different job profiles in Dubai that incurs lot of construction and hardworking mechanical works, which can’t be performed by any medically unfit or faint-hearted personnel. Therefore, to step closer to an Employment Visa in Dubai, applicants should clear the medical test first.

Having done with all the tests, applicants will be asked further to visit the clinic three days later for collecting the medical report. One can also get the test result (positive/negative) via SMS on the given contact number. After getting the result of the medical test, applicants are required to go through the Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department (DNRD) Residency procedures.

On successfully passing all the medical tests, an applicant needs to obtain a health card that will subsidise the applicant’s health care in government run medical centers, clinics and hospitals there. This health card has to be renewed annually and the applicant will need a health card number at the time of renewal. However, if the test result is positive and the applicant is detected with any infectious diseases, he/she will be deported from Dubai/UAE. Therefore, all prospective applicants seeking Employment Visas in Dubai have to be medically robust.

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