Things you need to know about NOC while applying for Visa

You might be familiar with the contraction of NOC, means No Objection Certificate or Letter. A NOC may be required under different scenarios like; transfer of a student from one institute to another, movement of workforce to a different country,  pursuance of any courses during the service period etc. Obtaining a NOC is evenly imperative while applying for a visa, as it affirms the Embassy/Consulate that you are leaving your base country without any objection. At the same time a NOC also ensures the visiting country that by no means you are trying to access the foreign country illegally seeking an employment or permanent residency there.

When an employee or student garners a NOC form his/her authorisation body, it also ensures an applicant that he/she was legally permitted to travel to a foreign country without becoming a monetary burden on the Government of the visiting country.

Every country has different visa prerequisites that a visitor needs to abide by; and no Government allows a visitor to beach the regulations of the visiting country. This is why a visa applicant is asked to submit a NOC as per requirement. Submission of a valid and concise NOC ensures the propensity of visa approval that further ensures the Embassy/Consulate that your purpose of visiting a foreign country is only limited to the intent, which you have already stated on paper i.e. academic, professional or medical trip. Apart from academic and employment visit, a traveller may also be asked for NOC if the person is a minor or if the applicant is a lady and she is travelling alone.

While providing a no objection letter, it should contain adequate information to the Embassy/Consulate covering the following pointers:

  • Name and designation of employee (name and enrolled course, in case of students)
  • Complete name and designation of the employee
  • Duration of employment in the existing organisation
  • Total numbers of approved leaves
  • Periodic financial statement to support the pecuniary independence of an employee
  • Name of the course that a student is willing to pursue
  • Course duration
  • Sponsorship details in case a student is dependent
  • No objection declaration from the academic institute/organisation
  • For minor/single traveller (lady) to Dubai, a declaration copy stating no objection

Note: A no objection lettere needs to be formal but not an elongated and complicated one.

Inclusion of the above cited pointers further ensures you for a hassle-free visa processing. To get a NOC, applicants should approach their authorisation body in person. At times, it is observed that obtaining a NOC could be quite taxing for many applicants. The reasons are many. For example; there could be a situation where the authorisation body is busy or unavailable to provide you a NOC. There could be one more scenario where you have already applied for the visa before getting your leave/release order approved. Today, there are several professional service providers from where you can get a free NOC at the time of applying for your flight and hotel reservation.

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