Some important reasons of Dubai Visa Rejection

A plan of your international voyage to Dubai could be very gruelling if rejected at the last hour. Be it any country, visa denial is quite aching for all the travellers.  At times, several instances are there when an applicant’s visa gets rejected right away. Therefore, one has to be quite observant while filling up the Application Form of Dubai Visa.

To safeguard the propensity of Dubai Visa rebuff or mitigate the volume of Dubai Visa rejection, here are some of the common reasons that a visa applicant needs to know before facing such issues:

  • If the Visa Application Form is not duly filled and signed by the prospective applicant.
  • When the provided supporting is not legitimated.
  • Any female applicant aged below 22 travelling to Dubai/UAE without their parents/relatives may face unwanted delays in their visa approval.
  • Submission of opaque scanned copies of your passport may be one of the reasons of getting your visa delayed or rejected.
  • The photograph should be provided following the Embassy guidelines. Providing unclear or blurred photographs may straightway reject/delay your visa for Dubai.
  • Any handwritten passports will be automatically considered as redundant by the UAE Immigration.
  • Applicants who has previous criminal records or any misconduct in the territory of UAE.
  • If you had a UAE Residence Visa previously, which you did not cancel while leaving the country, then the Public Relation Officer (PRO) will initiate the cancellation of your Visa and issue a new Tourist Visa.
  • Any typo errors at the time of filling up the form may lead to an unwanted delay or rejection of your Dubai Visa Application.
  • Applicants who did not enter the territory of Dubai after applying for an Employment Visa, any new visa to the applicant shall be rejected unless, the sponsor or the PRO of a travel company visit UAE Immigration and cancel the pervious Employment Visa.

These are some of the commonly occurred instances that may get one’s UAE/Dubai Visa rejected or delayed. Therefore, all prospective applicants for Dubai Visa should be aware of the fact that the UAE immigration authorities will not give you the reason after rejecting your visa. Applicants should be very careful while approaching to the visa service provider. At times, occurrence of any technical glitch from the side of a visa service provider may also be the reason of your visa rejection.

Furthermore, it is also advisable to the applicants to read through all the visa related information on the company website before applying for the same. The more cautious you are, greater is the chances of getting your visa application processed effortlessly.

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