Some important information you need to know about UAE Visa Sponsorship

You might have heard the term “visa sponsorship” and many of us often look for availing such sponsorship facility to get an access to a foreign territory. With every visiting country and purpose of visit, the sponsorship guidelines and prerequisites also varies. This write-up is an endeavour to lay emphasis on the concept of sponsorship.

In general standpoint, the term “sponsorship” indicates a pecuniary endorsement received from another individual or entry of the visiting country pertaining to visa. A visa sponsorship contains ample of variability. This could be a foreign organization that is sponsoring an applicant to visit the country and work for them. In addition, it could also be the spouse of an applicant who is willing to sponsor him/her to immigrate in the host country and reside there. Besides, if an applicant is travelling to a foreign country to visit an organization, that organization may also sponsor the applicant for a short-term visitor’s visa.

There could be certain scenarios as well wherein; an applicant may not be required to apply for a sponsorship or even a visa; and this will depend on the nationality of the applicant and type of visa he/she has applied for. To get a precise picture on this, applicants may visit the official websites of the respective country and embassy. Additionally, one can also contact with the relevant Embassy or any authorized visa agencies to get more information on the sponsorship guidelines.

While applying for a sponsorship visa, there are certain documents need to be provided by both applicant and the sponsor. Some of the commonly asked documents in this regard include photocopy of the sponsorship agreement, copy of stamped receipt of the financial institution where the fee is paid, residence proof, account statement, invitation/employment letter, photocopy of marriage certificate (for spouse), pay stubs, travel documents and passport, civil status document, proof of relationship (for relatives), police certificate and clearance etc. All such document prerequisites may differ as per the visiting country and type of visa.

Any applicant travelling to UAE should be sponsored primarily by an UAE citizen. In case of hiring a domestic servant, a UAE citizen may be a direct private sponsor. On the other hand, if a UAE citizen is hiring a business employee, it may be an indirect sponsor. An employee can be sponsored directly by the businesses in UAE as the sponsor is an active business partner, owner or majority shareholder. Besides being sponsored by an employer in UAE/Dubai, an individual can also acquire a UAE residency visa either by registering an organization in the country or by purchasing a property in UAE allowing the property developer to become your sponsor for residency. If you have incorporated your own organization in Dubai then your business could be your sponsor provided; at least one business partner of yours should be a UAE citizen.

An employee working under a particular employer in Dubai can transfer his/her sponsorship. Under such satiation, employee’s existing labour contract with the employer must have expired and the employer should not oppose in issuing a No Objection Certificate (NOC). Moreover, the employee must have performed at least one year of service under the labour contract with the previous employer. Thereafter, the issue is brought into the notice of both previous and the prospective employer in transferring the labour card from one employer to another. One of the most important aspects to be noted in this regard is that the position of the employment has to be the same with the new employer i.e. Operation manager to Operation Manager, Customer Associate to Customer Associate.

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