Know these various types of UAE/Dubai Visas before you travel there

Be it an intoxicating time-off or a corporate meet, there is a tedious process called Visa that a traveller needs to follow before flying to the territory of UAE/Dubai. Visa is a pivotal prerequisite today permitting an applicant to step into any foreign periphery. Depending on the purpose of visit, there are several types of UAE/Dubai Visas that can be applied by an applicant. In this post, we catch you a glimpse of these visa categories:

Transit Visa: Such visas are single-entry visas, which are issued to the travellers travelling to any other country with a stopover in UAE/Dubai. The validity of such visa is very limited.

Tourist Visa: If you wish to visit UAE/Dubai as a tourist (individual/group), this type of visas needs to be applied. A Tourist Visa is a short-term visa, which comes with a validity of 60 days. There are multiple entry Tourist Visas as well that entitles a traveller to visit UAE/Dubai multiple times within 30 days from the date of his/her first entry.

Service Visa: As the name suggests, this type of visa is applied to the individuals seeking a trip to UAE/Dubai for service purpose. For example; Sales Managers, Company Delegations, Representatives of Company Managers and their family members who are accompanying them etc.

Long-term Leisure Visa: Travellers willing to stay in UAE/Dubai for a period more than 30 days can apply for such visas. A Long-term Leisure Visa is mostly applied by those who visit there to meet their family members and stay there for long.

Long-term Tourist Visa: This type of visa is issued to the applicants willing to visit UAE/Dubai for more than 30 days. Similar to Long-term Leisure Visa, a Long-term Tourist Visa is also issued to the people willing to visit UAE/Dubai to meet their family or travel there on long-term visits. In case of any woman or unaccompanied traveller, a preapproval from the immigration is required to garner such visas.

The Long-term Multiple Entry Visa: This type of visa is valid for 90 days within which, a traveller can visit UAE/Dubai multiple times.  To obtain a The Long-term Multiple Entry Visa, sponsorship is required by an applicant.

Who can apply for the listed visas?

All prospective applicants with the following purposes can apply for the cited visas:

  • Sightseeing and tourism
  • Family visit
  • Corporate meet
  • Business training

After you know your purpose of visit and type of visa that you need to apply, next concern for a visa applicant is to know the submission of required documents, which include scanned copy of the passport size photograph, scanned copies of the first, last and annotations page of the passport. In case a child is travelling to UAE/Dubai and his/her details are endorsed in passport of his/her parents then scanned copy of parents, scanned copy of the child’s photograph and the birth certificate of the child (in English/Arabic) are required to be submitted.

It is to be informed that depending on the submission of essential documents and visa processing activities, the Embassy/Consulate will approve or rebuff the visa application. Generally, the processing time of a UAE/Dubai visa is 3-4 working days. In addition, visitors can also apply for an Express Visa, which gets processed in 48 hours. Such visas are basically applied when an applicant needs to get a visa in no time.

So now if you know the purpose of your visit to UAE/Dubai, plan a trip and apply for the right visa.

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