Important information that you need to know about removal of ECR stamp

If you have gone through one of our recent posts, you might have noticed the term ECNR or Emigration Check Not Required. In this post we will highlight some of the basic knowhow about Emigration Check Required, which is abridged as ECR.

In India, the practice of ECR has been in use since January 2007. Individuals with ECR stamp in their passports need to apply for further emigration clearance from the office of POE (Protector of Emigrants). This clearance is required for the individuals travelling to any of the following countries to work or visit:

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Bahrain
  3. Brunei
  4. Kuwait
  5. Indonesia
  6. Iraq
  7. Jordan
  8. Lebanon
  9. Libya
  10. Malaysia
  11. Oman
  12. Qatar
  13. Sudan
  14. Syria
  15. Saudi Arabia
  16. Thailand
  17. United Arab Emirates
  18. Yemen

If in case there is no ECNR stamp in the passport or if the passport of a visitor was issued before 2007 (with page 2 is blank) then by default the passport will be considered under ECR category. Now, there must be an obvious ask in the mind of a passport holder, how to remove this ECR stamp? This can be done either by getting the ECR suspended or by applying for an ECNR stamp.

Let’s have a quick comprehension about both of these instances:

Suspension of ECR

To get an ECR stamp removed or suspended, you need to fill-up an ECR Suspension Form providing your existing passport, a copy of your passport, copy of visa, return tickets from the visiting country and the address proof. If you are visiting to any of the Middle Eastern countries like Iran, Syria Turkey, Yemen and Oman, you need to submit an attested sponsorship declaration done by the Indian Consulate/Missions in the visiting country. However, if you are travelling to any other country, you need to submit a Fast Track Selection Form accompanied by all the essential supporting and charges at your regional Post Office.

Applying for an ECNR Stamp

To apply for ECNR Stamp, the applicant should be any of the following:

  • A Gazetted government servant
  • A salaried employee who can submit his/her ITR (Income Tax Return) statement in Form 16
  • People who have lived in a foreign country for more than three years and their spouses
  • Persons below 18 years and over the age of 50
  • Individuals who have at least done their matriculation (10th standard education)
  • Seamen with Continuous Discharge Certificate and sea cadets
  • Deck cadets who have passed the final examination of B.Sc. Nautical Sciences
  • Deck cadets who have undergone at least 3 months of pre-sea training
  • Anyone carrying a Green Card to the USA
  • People with vocational training certificate and polytechnic diploma holders
  • Qualified nurses from recognized institution
  • A PAN Card holder
  • Professional degree holder

Further, it is to be noted that if you have been staying abroad for more than past three years, you need to submit few essential documents like PAN Card, your Degree Certificate or the Certificate of your 10th standard. If you are filling-up the Miscellaneous Application Form, you need to provide sufficient proof that you are eligible for an ECNR. In this case, you will be asked to provide an address proof, copies of first and last four pages of your existing passport and the application fee. Once done, you need to submit the same at your Regional Passport Office.

So if you are travelling to any of the above cited countries, make sure the ECR stamp is removed from your passport.   

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