Important information on Travel History Report

For a successive overseas explorer, Travel History is a very commonplace term. Nonetheless, anybody travelling to a remote domain out of the blue might be required to realize what does this term actually demonstrate. Essentially, Travel History is a sort of travel record, which incorporates number of sections by a guest to a specific nation. In addition, the record additionally incorporates different other data relating to visa types, span of remain in a particular nation, voyager’s exit information and so forth.

There are different Border Service Agencies from where an applicant can ask for his/her Travel History report. Furthermore, the official entries of Custom and Border Protection (CBP) can likewise help an applicant in garnering the landing/departure record of a traveller. Be that as it may, contingent upon the visiting nation and purpose of request for the report, an applicant may not be constantly required to ask for a Travel History report. For instance; anybody applying for the citizenship, perpetual inhabitant card or any maturity security benefits program in Canada, Travel History report isn’t required. Then again, anybody heading out to a specific nation as often as possible, the particular Embassy will watch out for explorer’s visa data, money related articulation, family circumstance at the local nation, area of the port of passage and so forth.  

The prime reason for keeping a tab on candidate’s travel data is to guarantee that the candidate has just been to a specific nation a few times and will return back to the source nation before the expiry of the visa terms. Now and again, candidates are additionally prescribed to give their past exit record and outside international IDs regardless of whether they are antiquated. The reason being, giving such old data helps in picking up confide according to movement officers, which guarantees that the candidate won’t monetarily be reliant on the visiting nation.

Applicants looking for a Travel History Report ought to likewise be certain on the off chance that they need just entry record or exit record or both. Moreover, it is to be educated that the exit data is constrained and a similar won’t be incorporated if asked for specifically by a candidate. A portion of the imperative data required for gathering entry and exit reports may incorporate area of port of section, name of the candidate, date of birth, international ID number and so forth.

On the off chance that you haven’t influenced your presentation to voyage to any nation yet, begin practicing the request for your travel record from your next outing. This will give you a complete record of your travel date, visiting country, visa category, date of entry/exit and so forth. So let your travel history a straightforward report card to the migration authorities of the meeting nation.

Further, it is to ne noted that anyone applying for the same online should attach a scan copy of their recent photograph and the first and last page of the passport. The scanned documents should be submitted in JPEG format with the file size not exceeding 38 KB.

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