Does Dubai cater a sound employment exposure to the job-seekers?

Good and stable career is probably the most demanding blend to a job seeker. Keeping in mind the ongoing market scenario across the sphere, searching overseas employment is quite a challenging task today. There was a time when Dubai used to be the most preferred employment base for plenty of job seekers. But over the years, the booming employment exposure in UAE/Dubai has been curbed to a drastic extent.

It is observed that plenty of travellers from the Asian and African labour provider countries often visit Dubai as tourists and further involve themselves into different blue collar jobs. To prevent such illegal practices in the city, different professional norms are brought into practice for various visa categories.  In addition, the Embassy is also keeping an eye on those applicants. Therefore, granting or rejecting an employment visa in Dubai includes various factors like minimum wages, skilled/unskilled labour category, academic degree, employer, visa possession, country of origin etc.

Every year, numbers of unskilled workforces are outsourced to various retail stores, hospitals, hotels and factories in Dubai. In this context, Dubai is still considered as an occupational abode for carpenters, painters, cook, gardeners, tailors, helpers, retail staffs and other unskilled workers. Besides, there are many small organizations as well that hire human capital in bulk from the sub-continent and employ them in Dubai either by possessing their passports or in return of an employment contract. However, applicants holding a work visa from any reputable organization will not face such issues where their passport will be held illicitly by the employer. But if the organization takes responsibility of catering the PRO service to an applicant, then the applicant may be asked to handover his/her passport to the organization for couple of weeks, which is not illegal.

PRO is a kind of document clearance or attestation service in Dubai that helps the applicants in clearing their document authentication need. Therefore, an applicant has to be watchful while applying for any job in the Middle East. Additionally, applicants in quest of overseas jobs can also go with some reliable job portals or authorized job consultants for Dubai.

If you are looking for any entry-level jobs in Dubai, it may be less challenging as compared to the IT, engineer and architect professionals having plenty of experiences under their belt. On the other hand, Dubai has some decent employment exposures for doctors, lawyers and teachers offering them good perks and pay. All prospective job applicants should therefore abide by the relevant work visa norms pertaining to their visa application form and other documentation prerequisites. The visa form of an applicant should be accompanied by a valid invitation letter from the employer, offer letter and other sponsoring information. Any official trip to Dubai should be backed by all the prerequisites like visa, application form, employment contract, confirmed air ticket, booking of accommodation, period of stay etc.

So anyone planning a trip to Dubai for work purpose should count on the cited elucidation. But make sure your purpose of visit there is not mislead by any unauthorized consultant or employer.

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