Check your “Ok to Board” Status before Flying to UAE

Indian citizens travelling to UAE from India may need something more than just acquiring a visa. What’s that? ‘OK to Board’; this is an airline prerequisite without which prospective applicants from India will not be allowed to board the flight for UAE even after obtaining a valid visa. However, there are several concerns and uncertainties amongst the travelers regarding ‘OK to Board’. If you are planning your trip to UAE anytime soon, here’s what you need to know:

Once an applicant’s UAE visa is verified, the respective airline further approves his/her air ticket and marks the PNR as “Ok to Board”. Different airlines have different regulations and formalities regarding “Ok to Board”. Hence, Indian citizens flying to UAE are advised to cross-check their “Ok to Board” status with their respective carriers at least 48 hours prior to their departure from India.

To many airlines, “Ok to Board” is as imperative as the prerequisites of processing a visa. There are several airlines like Air India Express, Air Arabia,  Spice Jet, Emirates and Indigo for whom “Ok to Board” is an obligatory process before boarding the flight. The reason why “Ok to Board” has been an essential part of the airline authentication process is that several fake UAE visas were issued against Indian travellers who were earlier deported back to India. Execution of this authentication practice has drastically controlled the number of fake UAE visas and travellers.  

In order to garner an “Ok to Board”, travellers need to submit their essential documents to the associates of the respective airlines. If your UAE visa is already approved then you will be required to submit your visa copy along with your air tickets and thereafter it will be verified by the visa expert team. Once everything is verified, the airline associates will issue “Ok to Board” in your airline PNR. In addition, it is also to be informed that all prospective visa applicants from India having no ECR (Emigration Check Required) stamp in their passports need no approval for “Ok to Board”. On the other hand, presence of ECR stamp in the passport will require an applicant to submit a copy of UAE visa for the approval of “Ok to Board”.

If you wish to know more information regarding “Ok to Board”, get in touch with the experts of the service provider or with the airline associates. A clear concept on “Ok to Board” can limit all your hassles just before the departure of your flight to UAE. So as a traveller, make sure that an “Ok to Board” is issued in your airline PNR before a delightful fly.

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