Applying for Passport and Visa? Here’s what you need to know about Police Clearance Certificate

For the beginners, applying for a new identification or making a trip abroad offer ascend to many inquiries. One among the regular is presumably what does PCC demonstrate? Well, this post is an endeavour to highlight some of the important pointers on PCC.

The Police Clearance Certificate, in short PCC, is issued to every single imminent candidate from India looking for an outing to a different country for business, long stay or for residential purpose. Be that as it may, individuals from India flying out to an alternate nation on Tourist Visa are not qualified to apply for PCC. This authentication assumes a crucial part while applying for an identification and visa; and relying upon the nation and reason for visit, candidates might be solicited to give different sorts documents while applying for the same.

By and large, a PCC is given by the Regional Passport Office of the candidate’s area where he/she has been staying for most recent a half year or progressively and the same gets issued by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). Henceforth, the area of the candidate is of the quintessence while issuing a PCC. Individuals applying for a PCC having no satisfactory address verification, may confront challenge while arranging their abroad excursions. A portion of the archives that a candidate can give to help his/her address verification may incorporate a bank explanation. To get this announcement as your current address evidence, you can ask for the bank expert for the same to change your address and issue a bank articulation for most recent one year. When you get this report, sign it and get it stamped. It would be ideal if you be educated that downloading the announcement won’t get the job done the reason, as it needs to get stamped authoritatively.

While applying for a PCC, a candidate may experience two stages wherein, he/she may require either physical police check or PCC stamp. In the event that a candidate is requested physical police check then he/she will be given a receipt number alongside an archive that he/she needs to convey home. In like manner, the candidate is additionally imparted by the important specialist saying the name and contact number of the cop will’s identity going to the candidate’s home for verification.

Once physical police confirmation is done, the following concern is acquiring the PCC. Accumulating a PCC after check relies upon two situations. To begin with; if a candidate is dwelling in his/her nation for not as much as a year then it might require half a month. Second; if the candidate is dwelling in his/her nation for over one year time then the check happens in next 2-3 days. After that a candidate is prepared to gather his/her visa from the passport center and get a PCC letter issued.

Then again, the necessity of a PCC stamp appears when physical police confirmation isn’t required. To complete it, an applicant has to go to the counter where PCC letter is taken and stamped by the authorised individuals. There are three stamps that are put crosswise over including:

  • An underwriting alongside the application number of the candidate saying the name of the visting nation
  • A stamp of MEA
  • An authorisation stamp giving the leeway

From there on, the assigned individual from the counter stamp on applicant’s passport. Having done, the approved individual further signs the letter and the passport page.

So this is what a PCC is all about. To know other information on visa, passport and documentation prerequisites for overseas trip keep following Visas of the World.

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