Things you need to know about Emigration Check Not Required (ECNR)

Passport is the next buzz word for the globetrotters after visa, which serves an essential purpose of every individual seeking an international voyage. Thus, you can say that both passport and visa are two indispensible aspects for any international trip. When we talk about passport, we mostly share our common views like passport issuance procedures,

Check your “Ok to Board” Status before Flying to UAE

Indian citizens travelling to UAE from India may need something more than just acquiring a visa. What’s that? ‘OK to Board’; this is an airline prerequisite without which prospective applicants from India will not be allowed to board the flight for UAE even after obtaining a valid visa. However, there are several concerns and uncertainties

Why do you need to be medically fit for an Employment Visa in Dubai?

Different countries have different medical prerequisites and the policies pertaining to these requirements keep changing from time-to-time. Applicants seeking an employment Visa in Dubai/UAE need to be medically fit to get UAE Visa stamped in their passports. Be it any country, the practice of undergoing medical fitness test for applying a new visa or renewal

Experience a delightful landing at Dubai International Airport

Dubai, the Entertainment Capital of the UAE is a renowned tourist hub for the globetrotters. Be it stopover or the first city of visitor’s arrival, Dubai International Airport (DXB) witnesses a massive footfall of flyers on day-to-day basis. Reckoned as the world’s busiest airport in terms of international passenger traffic, Dubai International Airport also bags

Some important information you need to know about UAE Visa Sponsorship

You might have heard the term “visa sponsorship” and many of us often look for availing such sponsorship facility to get an access to a foreign territory. With every visiting country and purpose of visit, the sponsorship guidelines and prerequisites also varies. This write-up is an endeavour to lay emphasis on the concept of sponsorship.

Some important reasons of Dubai Visa Rejection

A plan of your international voyage to Dubai could be very gruelling if rejected at the last hour. Be it any country, visa denial is quite aching for all the travellers.  At times, several instances are there when an applicant’s visa gets rejected right away. Therefore, one has to be quite observant while filling up

Know the documents that are mandatory and additional while applying for a Dubai Visa

Documentation plays a pivotal role in passport and visa processing. The more genuine is your document; grater is the chance of getting your visa and passport approved. Thus, submission of requisite visa document is obligatory. Different country has different visa prerequisites. An applicant seeking a Dubai visa from India may be asked to provide various

Find out some of the Interesting facts before flying to Dubai

Needless to say, how over the years Dubai has transformed into an incomparable destination. Ranging from Skyscrapers to world class malls, the city has been turned into a dream destination to many travellers. Today, Dubai is not about just desert safari and delicious dinning. On the contrary; there many other attractions here that pulls Globetrotters

Tourist Visa, a key to your short-stay delight in Dubai

A Tourist Visa is just another endorsement, which is placed on the applicant’s passport granting him/her to enter a particular country, stay there as tourist and leave the country before the expiry of the issued visa. The stamp is placed by the officials of respective foreign country. Be it any country, the purpose of a